What to do when the lights go out, or there is no power.


In North Brisbane nearly everyone has experienced loss of power either at home, or at work.

Sometimes it’s a supply issue on the street that is totally out of your control.  However, it could be something you could troubleshoot yourself before contacting a local electrician and potentially resolve the issue or narrow down the power fault saving you money when the electrician arrives.


When you find yourself with no power or no lights, the first step is to head outside and check your switchboard.

Switch boards can be confusing to the average home owner or business owner, so let’s breakdown what you’re looking for. Firstly, check all switches are on (usually in the upright position) most commonly in power loss it is the safety switch that has tripped the power, in which case we want to identify the safety switch and ensure it is on and working.

Safety switches can also be known as an Earth leakage device or Residual Current Device’s (RCD’S) these devices will have a “PUSH TO TEST” button on them. If you cannot see or find a “PUSH TO TEST” button it is not a Safety switch. The switch board pictured bellow does NOT have a safety switch in place.


If you do not have a safety switch installed it is HIGHLY recommended to contact Armitage Electrical or your local Electrical contractor to install one.

If you find that the safety switch is in the down or off position, try to reset it (safety switches can be stiff so don’t be afraid to apply medium pressure to reset it).

If it does reset and stay on, you may have simply overloaded the safety switch by running too many appliances at once.

If your safety switch does not stay on start by looking around the house inside and outside and UNPLUGGING all electrical items, keep in mind hard to get to or hidden power points, under kitchen benches or outside for water tanks etc.


Once all electrical items are unplugged, go back to the switch board and try to reset your safety switch. If it stays on, your more than likely have a faulty appliance, go back around plugging each item in one by one. If the safety switch trips when you plug in a particular item, it is likely your appliance is faulty and requires maintenance or replacement.


If your safety switch does not reset after all items are unplugged, you may have a fault in either the safety switch or the wiring within your home or office and you will require an electrical contractor such as Armitage Electrical to rectify fault.




  1. Check switch board. (make sure everything is in upright position)
  2. Try to Reset safety switch (safety switch has push to test button)
  3. Unplug all appliances inside and outside house. (keep in mind hidden power points)
  4. Try to reset safety switch again. (may need medium force to reset)
  5. If fault continues contact Armitage Electrical.


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