Selling homes requires a modern approach in the 21st century. The last 10 years has seen a massive shift in the way we market homes.

Data from the local marketplace and using digital technology to its max to attract buyers, is a top priority for the modern agency.

Once, we used to take a few pics of a home, do up a window card, place the card in the office window and sit back and wait for buyers to start window shopping.

That has all changed now, real estate agencies don’t even need shop fronts to sell homes from anymore. Nor do they have to be based in the one suburb, city or state. We can sell homes right across Queensland and even interstate, there are no boundaries.

Web portals such as and are the two main portals that buyers go to in order to find their next home.

In the next 10 to 20 years, these portals may not even be players in the market place, with the emergence of mega portals like Amazon, Apple, Google and the like into the real estate market space. These new players will change the behaviour of buyers, sellers and agents alike, as they gain a foothold in the market.

Buyers are also driving this shift in what they want. No longer does a  buyer want to drive around in cars with an agent or go to endless open homes, wasting their valuable time.

Buyers want to search for their next home on their mobile devices in the comfort of their homes or during lunch and leisure time.

This change is forcing the way modern agents are advertising and marketing a home for sale.



At Gott Realty we have embraced these changing times keeping up-to-date with the latest advertising and marketing trends in an endeavour to attract the maximum number of potential buyers to a property.

With all emerging technologies, we are careful to research the ones that work in our market place.

What we use today is a range of digital marketing systems that are tried and true.

Our presentation of a home on the net is the best of any agency on Brisbane’s north.

We are not satisfied with just using a Premium advertisement and a few photographs on the portals, as many of our competitors are happy to do.

The use of high-quality photography is just the starting point for putting together a marketing campaign. Sometimes we will include twilight shots to give a feeling of warmth to the home. Floor plans and site plans are also a big part of presenting a home in marketing these days.

Using aerial drones for surrounding area shots and even fly-through  footage, is on the way. Video footage of a home is almost mandatory these days. Buyers can see and feel more about a home and remember more about it with a quality video, than still shots.

Video will eventually morph into 3D. With the advances of technology, 3D is on the way to becoming a big part in the marketing campaign.

We have used 3D on two homes with outstanding results. Buyers become more involved and immersed with this format. They can check out each room from floor to ceiling, placing  their furniture in the home and mentally imagining how it will feel to live in the property.

Making an informed decision to inspect the home from this type of technology is advancing the buyer from a looker, to a quality buyer.

From an agency point of view, we would rather be dealing with a ‘quality buyer,’ wanting to buy, than a looker.

Dealing with quality buyers who are excited about a home before the inspection, also increases the chances of the seller obtaining the very best price.

After a buyer has inspected a home with our agency, they walk away with one of our 8-page, full colour buyers’ booklets tucked under their arm, keeping up their interest in the property. They also can show their family and friends the home they would like to buy.

Buyers also receive a web-book to their phone, with even more detailed information in it about the property.

Try one for yourself, text this


to this number- 0488 883 852

In about 15 seconds, a web-book on this home will appear on your phone.

Keeping quality buyers fully informed and excited about a home, reduces the chances of them making low offers, creating a win-win situation for all involved in the sales process.

The digital real estate revolution with property is at its beginnings. How we will be selling and buying real estate in ten or twenty years from now will be totally different.

Portals such as  Google, Amazon and Facebook will become big players alongside the current portals and could even take some of the established portals out in time to gain a footing into our market place.

Marketing homes is ever-changing and keeping on top of this revolution is fun and exciting.

As an agency, we will always be pursuing the latest in technology, looking for ways to promote a home to the maximum number of buyers, so that we can achieve the best sale price for our clients.

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