“Why do you need a business continuity plan?”

Business continuity is a proactive plan to avoid and mitigate risks associated with disruption of your operations. For small businesses such as Trades and Services, Personal Services, Home Based Consultancy services and the like, it can be a simple thought process mapped out as “what if this happens” => simple steps to avoid downtime.

A Business Continuity Plan details steps to be taken before, during and after an event to maintain the financial viability of an organization, but it really doesn’t have to be complex. 

Below are some simple things to think about to develop practical ideas for your business to ensure you can continue as close to normal operations in the event of a glitch in operations. These include:



List your Tools of Trade and keep records of where they were purchase, when and how much you paid. Start an account with a local trade tools supplier so you can quickly replace tools to keep going if the need arises. Insurance to replace tools can then settle the account at a later date.



Where will you get the vehicle? Does it have the equipment you need such as ladder racks etc?

Enquire about Insurance for a replacement Hire Vehicle for “at fault claims or regardless of fault claims” where a hire vehicle is provided for a period of 30 days.



Back Up, Back Up, Back Up – whilst there is insurance that can assist and respond in the event of a Cyber Attack, even insurance won’t be able to recover data lost if it isn’t backed up.

Make sure you enquire about Cyber Insurance for your industry. The risk is real and can cause your business operations a lot of pain and money if you have nowhere to turn to in the event of a Cyber attack or scam.



Do you work off a laptop or cloud environment or both? Can you and staff log in from a home computer and access your database etc. in the event of a major storm or a fire?  

What is the plan if you needed to operate somewhere else, even for a week or two? Does this differ if you found yourself having to set up somewhere else for 6 months or more due to a total loss like Fire or major water/storm damage? 



What would happen if you lost staff or key persons in the business? Do you have a plan of action for replacing or calling help in?


If is always handy to keep local emergency phones numbers handy on a laminated page in the business. It helps your staff and yourself in the event of needing scramble to call the local Fire, Ambulance, Police or for that matter a Plumber and/or Electrician.

INSURANCE – The financial costs associated with getting back up on your feet can more often than not be covered by Insurance. Our friendly and helpful staff at www.insuranceweb.com.au are always happy to help.


Remember – Prepare, Plan and Prevail !

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